About Me

About Me

Seoul, S Korea   •   SF/Bay Area, CA

Los Angeles, CA   •   Honolulu, HI

The oratory in exploratory (.) me has multiple meanings. First, most obviously, it is part of the word “exploratory.” It is, also, another word for “rhetoric”; and even lesser known, it describes “a place of prayer like a small chapel or room for private devotions” (dictionary.com).

This blog is about all three, but I want to extend the last definition to this blog as I hope it can be a place where the soul finds rest and connection. Although the contents are about urban culture, food history and sustainable living—our lifestyles are worship. Knowing who we are and where we have been influences the choices we make on how we live … and progress forward.

I am Korean-American; born, raised, educated and formerly employed in the U.S.–namely California, with immigrant family roots in Hawaii. I have traversed to approximately two dozen countries over the last decade and lived in South Korea for about 9 years before resettling back in Honolulu, Hawaii (all things come full circle). What I have learned is how to keep my heart intact—because “home” is where the heart is.

I have a pet drone named Bell (short for B-11) and a couple monkeys who make cameo appearances in some of my photos. My faith heavily influences my life choices. My best senses are taste and smell. I love seeking to understand culture, food, societal trends, movements, urban policy & infrastructure, you-name-it … for me, it is about studying the objects of which tickle people’s curiosity and make their hearts beat. I know what I like, but am open to adventure and trying new things–which brings me to the present me, now {pictured below with Bell}.

Welcome! Please check out my site and stay plugged in if you love community that shares stories on the exploration of urban landscapes, great eats, sustainable development and lifestyles—all while learning from one another in this messy ball of humanity.